A Decision Already Made

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A Decision Already Made by Helen Quilley

Originally Posted: 9 December 2001

The news knocked her back in her chair — the doctor thought the eggs were viable.  Feelings of relief and hope invaded her instantly – could this be true!?

Vaguely aware, she heard the doctor explain that she’d need to find a donor and the enormity of a decision she’d already made began to weigh on her.  She’d tried to imagine anyone else as the father of her baby, and failed with misery.

He had qualities she’d long admired, loyalty, determination, strength and so many others.  Swatting away the thought that he was very much like her father and all the other important men in her life, she worried that her asking would reveal to him what she was afraid to reveal even to herself. But her fear would not be enough to dissuade her.  As if possessing the psychic ability she’s so often questioned, she knew without question that it would be him.

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