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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Summary: bcfan asked for a drabble where Mulder and Scully encounter a beagle Originally posted 10 January 2010 Author: Circe Invidiosa & Helen Quilley Rating: PG Spoilers: takes place during… Read more »

Move Along

Originally posted: 20 October 2003 Summary: a typical day will be anything but typical for him. Rating: PG Disclaimer: Characters belong to Fox etc. Spoilers: SUZ and Closure Everything on… Read more »

Modest Doubt

Summary: Questions… Originally Posted: 20 October 2003 Rating: PG Disclaimer: Although no names are mentioned, characters belong to Fox etc Acknowledgements: thanks to Circe I. for the beta Sometimes I… Read more »

Of Ladies Most Deject and Wretched

Originally Posted: 22 June 2002 Summary: It wasn’t a question worth answering…post Orison. Authors: Circe Invidiosa and Helen Quilley E-mail: Rating: PG Spoilers: Orison Archive: Yours for the asking… Read more »

Tofurkey on Rye

Tofurkey on Rye by Helen Quilley Originally Posted: 13 January 2002 Summary: a late night snack She awoke with a stir and a feeling of pure contentment she had forgotten… Read more »

Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom by Helen Quilley Originally Posted: 11 December 2001 What is this place? I feel as if I am being carried by something other than my own will toward these… Read more »

A Decision Already Made

A Decision Already Made by Helen Quilley Originally Posted: 9 December 2001 The news knocked her back in her chair — the doctor thought the eggs were viable.  Feelings of… Read more »