Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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Summary: bcfan asked for a drabble where Mulder and Scully encounter a beagle

Originally posted 10 January 2010

Author: Circe Invidiosa & Helen Quilley
Rating: PG
Spoilers: takes place during Quagmire
Disclaimer: I know the law, and the law would win.

Mulder tapped his fingers impatiently on the counter as Scully cooed to the tiny beast inside the travel kennel.

Mulder said, “I can’t believe you’re bringing that hairball.” He turned around, leaning so that his elbows rested on the counter, and surveyed the chaos of the departure level.

“The hairball has a name,” Scully said without looking at him. “You know, you could be getting us coffee while I sort this out. After all, I’m not the one that wants to go to Lake Hell-on-Earth, Georgia today.”

“Heuvelmans Lake. You didn’t have to say yes.”

Scully rolled her eyes. “And we all know where that would get me. Really, do you want Queegqueg to do his ‘Mulder face’ again? It’s not flattering.”

Mulder wasn’t paying attention. He was nudging Scully in the arm, trying to get her to turn around. “Now there’s a dog, Scully.”

He nodded towards a pile of luggage. A beagle roved over and in and out of the bags, then sat in front of a vested officer expectantly. The officer held out a treat to the dog, then scratched him behind the ear before moving on to the next pile of bags.

Scully looked up accusingly. “Mulder, are you jealous of my dog?”

That brought Mulder’s attention back to Scully. His expression was a combination of amusement and incredulity. “Jealous? Of that?” Mulder pointed at Queegqueg.

“I think that you are. Maybe someone isn’t used to sharing my attention.”

Mulder snorted. “I’m just saying those dogs have a mission, a purpose. They’re glad to have a job and look to their masters for guidance.” Pointing again at Queequeg, he continued, “This one’s calling is to yap, shed, and empty his bladder every thirty minutes, and if you don’t meet his needs, you’re the one who suffers for it.”

With an arched eyebrow and hands on her hips, Scully said, “Why does that sound so familiar?”

Mulder blew out an exasperated breath. “You know what? I should get us some coffee while you finish up here.” He stalked off.

Scully turned back to Queegqueg with a triumphant smirk. “Yep. He’s jealous. Good boy!” She pulled out a treat from her pocket and rewarded her little dog.